362 Belisle St.

10 Sep

When it comes to reviewing books on this website anything goes – new releases, old favourites and undiscovered/forgotten gems are all equally likely to appear on these pages (at some point I’ll also start reviewing films, graphic novels and albums – huge fan of folk and world music!). I thought I’d start with a book that’s a few years old but which I’ve always felt has never really received the attention it deserved – 362 Belisle St. by Susie Moloney.

The book consists of three interlinked stories, all set in a very old (and very creepy) mansion with an unhappy history. You see, 362 Belisle St. is a place that no one ever seems to inhabit for very long before some sort of misfortune befalls them. The one character that appears in all three stories is the unlucky estate agent tasked with selling this house (who I have to say I felt increasingly sorry for as the story went on!).

Whilst full of atmospheric chills and slow-burning tension (as well as some genuine shocks), in all honesty I have to say that this is not the most frightening book that I’ve ever read. However, I suspect that simply scaring the audience was not what this author was out to do. Rather, Ms Moloney’s object seems to have been to update the traditional Victorian haunted house story and bring it to a new audience. On this level 362 Belisle St. works perfectly.

In short, whilst those looking for blood and gore will be disappointed, those searching for the pleasurable shudder that all the best ghost stories provide will find themselves in for a rare treat. Check out http://www.amazon.co.uk/362-Belisle-St-Susie-Moloney/dp/0141010304/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1315640640&sr=1-1 if you’d like to find out more or order a copy. Oh, and if anyone knows of any similar books written by this author let me know!

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