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The Hooded Man

5 Oct

There have been many screen versions of Robin Hood, ranging from the swashbuckling derring-do of Errol Flynn in the 1930s flicks to the classic 1950s teatime serial starring Richard Greene. The end of the last century saw Kevin Costner don a mullet and a shaky English accent for a film that was nonetheless a box-office smash but more recent incarnations of the legend of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men have unfortunately been rather less well loved. There was the best-forgotten BBC TV version in the noughties, starring Jonas Armstrong as Robin ‘in a hoodie’, and the equally unloved recent Russell Crowe film. Perhaps the reason why latter versions of the Sherwood myth have failed to hit the right note is simply because we have already been given the truest, most perfect re-telling of the old folk tale in the form of Robin of Sherwood, the eighties TV series which remains one of the finest fantasy series the UK has ever created.

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