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The Island of Disappearing Men

10 Oct

There is an island in the North Atlantic called Eilean More, most northerly of a chain of islands known to seafarers as the Seven Hunters, which has become synonymous with a maritime mystery that has become as infamous and seemingly unsolvable as the affair of The Mary Celeste. Located seventeen miles to the west of the Hebrides, these bleak islands received their official name of the Flannan Islands from a seventeenth century bishop, Saint Flannan, who built a small chapel on Eilean More. Although Hebridean shepherds often ferried their sheep over to the islands to graze on the rich turf, they themselves would never spend a night there, for the islands are said to be haunted by spirits and by ‘little folk’. There have been rumours of disappearances, odd sightings and unexplained mysteries ever since the island chain was discovered but the oddest event in their three hundred year history took place in 1900 and is still being debated to this day.

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