Wydda is a story of witchcraft, paganism and the struggle between good and evil set in present day Cambridge. It is also the first part of an ongoing series, The Eternal Struggle, which should appeal to anyone who has an interest in urban fantasy, mythic fiction and tales of mystery and the supernatural.

Bethany Rowan is a Wydda, a priestess of the Old Faith that has existed in the British Isles for centuries before the coming of Christianity. As such, she is charged with tending the sacred tarns, preserving the network of ley lines that criss-crosses the country and keeping the existence of herself and her coven from cowans who do not follow the old ways – a tricky job at the best of times given that she is also a student attending the University of Cambridge. Her task is made no easier when an ancient object of power – the gemstone Bergelmir – turns up in Cambridge, drawing with it a host of trouble. Covens of rival Wydda squabble over what the appearance of Bergelmir means and, more importantly, who should possess it. What is worse is that the Wydda’s many enemies, including dark wizards, witch hunters and others who are not even human, also wish to control the power of Bergelmir and will stop at nothing to seize it. As if that were not bad enough, Bethany also has an apprentice in the Craft and two potential love interests – one of whom may be a shapechanger while the other threatens to expose the existence of her coven – on her plate. In the circumstances the young priestess will be exceedingly lucky to survive the coming term – let alone pass her Tripos exams.

If you would like to read a free sample of Wydda click on the relevant link below. I’ve included links to both the UK and US Amazon Listings for Wydda below as well.

Wydda Sample

Wydda UK Amazon Listing

Wydda US Amazon Listing

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