Further Reading






Here are some of the sources that I’ve used for my articles:

Night Visitors: The Rise and Fall of the English Ghost Story (1977) Julia Briggs

The Victorian Supernatural (2009) Nicola Brown

The Cambridge Companion to Gothic Fiction (2002) Jerrold E. Hogle

Warnings to the Curious: A Sheaf of Criticism on M R James (2007) S T Joshi and Rosemary Pardoe

The Supernatural in Fiction (1952) Peter Penzoldt

The Ghost Story 1840-1920: A Cultural History (2012) Andrew Smith

The Penguin Encyclopaedia of Horror and the Supernatural (1989) Jack Sullivan

Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination (2014) Dale Townshend

Seven Masters of Supernatural Fiction (1991) Edward Wagenknecht

Shadows in the Attic: A Guide to British Supernatural Fiction, 1820–1950 (2000) Neil Wilson

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