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Ghosts in the Cloisters Facebook page

23 Sep

Just to let everyone know that I’ve set up a Facebook fan page for my book, Ghosts in the Cloisters, so if you’d like to check it out click on the ‘Facebook’ link in the sidebar under ‘Blogroll’ (and if you like the book or this website you’re very welcome to join as well!).

There was a slight ‘glitch’ with Monday’s post ‘Books of the Dead’ so I’ve re-posted it below – apologies all round! I’ll be back with another brand new post this time tomorrow.

Books of the Dead

23 Sep

I wanted to begin this post by referring to one of my favourite horror films of the last decade or so, The Others. If you’ve seen it you’ll know that it’s a great ‘haunted house’ movie, with plenty of suspense and authentic shudders but an absence of the brainless blood and guts that seems to sum up a lot of modern horror. For me, it’s a particular delight because it’s very reminiscent of a lot of the classic ghost stories of the Victorian era, only on screen rather than on the page. The story is also classic in its simplicity – a troubled woman who lives in a lonely old house with a couple of creepy children welcomes a housekeeper, maid and gardener who soon turn out to be more than they appear. Like all the best haunted house films, there is a claustrophobic feel from the outset, with tension that builds to a level that is almost unbearable before the dénouement (which is probably the only weak part of the film – you’ve never read a ghost story or watched a horror film if you don’t see the ‘twist’ ending coming a mile off!). Continue reading

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