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Curse of the Mummy

22 Nov

Mummies, one of the staples of horror, are usually depicted as hideous walking corpses wrapped in bandages. In this form they have starred in numerous scary movies in which they have been woken unwisely from their millenia-long rests to plague the living, as well as causing nightmares for generations of film-goers. One of their earliest appearances was The Jewel of Seven Stars, a horror novel by Bram Stoker – who is of course far better known for his contribution to the vampire genre – first published in 1903 that concerned an archaeologist’s plot to revive an ancient Egyptian mummy. Universal Pictures then contributed several classic horror films concerning mummies, right up to the most recent Brendan Fraser versions (although arguably the scariest thing about these movies was the acting). The belief in cursed mummies which inspired both book and film outings for these undead monsters was probably drawn from a real-life event – the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun and the train of tragic occurrences that this set in motion.

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