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The Mother of All Monsters

26 Nov

Those of you who watched the most recent series of TV show Supernatural may or may not have realised that the season’s ‘Big Bad’ Eve (the so-called ‘Mother of All’ monsters) is based on one of the world’s most ancient, pervasive and terrifying myths. Just as the belief in a ‘Divine Feminine’ is common to many religions and mythological systems, so a corresponding belief in an all-powerful dark goddess or female spirit of evil can be found in almost every culture. There is the vile child of Loki, Hel, who rules the Norse underworld; the demon goddess Tiamat from Sumerian mythology; the vampiric Lamia from the myths of the Greco-Roman world; The Morrigan, a female Celtic harbinger of doom; the bloodthirsty Hindu goddess Kali; and Christianity, Judaism and Islam all refer to the monstrous Lilith, mother of demons.

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